Five Home Trends You’re Sure to Love

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Five Home Trends You’re Sure to Love

Your home’s décor should be a reflection of you. Although decorating styles come and go, some trends are here to stay. You’re sure to find a look that suits your style and can easily flow throughout the entirety of your home, tying all rooms together. Not sure which style is right for you? Here are the top five home trends that you’re sure to love.

Farmhouse home trend: Farmhouse décor styles can range from vintage to modern or even from classic to more eclectic. It mixes design and function to give you a fresh take on that homegrown farmhouse feel. The best part about farmhouse style is that it is versatile, and you can easily adapt it to suit the look you like most. Modern farmhouse furniture tends to have a neutral, earthy palette that gives it its unpretentious style. In the living room, add a touch of comfort with tufted sofas and loveseats. You can add wooden coffee tables with built-in drawers and comfortable storage benches to help hold some excess belongings. Explore window curtains, valances, and frills to help offer you shade on sunny days, and fluffy pillows with fun designs that offer amazing comfort.

Rustic home trends: Rustic décor is all about showcasing the beauty of natural materials and comfortable furnishings. Open the doors to airy, rustic style with organic textures, earthy tones, and naturally inspired materials that reflect the breathtaking freedom of the great outdoors. Rustic furniture such as TV stands and tables make for great additions to the living room. Hardwood solids and distressed finishes will complement any existing décor in the home. When it comes to your kitchen and dining area, look for table linens and kitchen accessories that create a warm and inviting space.

Mid Century Modern home trend: Clean lines and minimalistic design define this sleek, functional style first made popular in the 1950s that’s still just as relevant and desirable today. Mid Century Modern furniture is recognized by clean lines and organic curves. To get started with switching your current décor to a Mid Century Modern style, start with Mid Century Modern lamps. Introduce more dramatic colors, such as burnt sage, orange, and rust for a very deliberate Mid Century Modern look. Add in accent chairs, ottoman stools, and coffee tables to complete the look. Before you know it, you’ll have the quintessential Mid Century Modern home.

Bohemian home trend: Bold colors, eye-catching prints, and rich textures are key to building an eclectic aesthetic that’s all about wanderlust and indulging the adventures of your free spirit. This can be done with overlapping textures and patterns, as well as combining earthy wooden furniture and a variety of colors. The goal is to create an atmosphere where worldliness meets the comforts of home. Other aspects you can incorporate are low-lying furniture, bright colors, artistic accessories, and strategically placed mirrors. Boho rugs are a great way to add bright colors to your living space. Look for rugs made from natural materials, such as jute or bamboo. Consider incorporating wall art with bold patterns, unique shapes, and diverse textures.

Coastal home trend: Ocean blues, sandy tones, and seaside accents lend a relaxing, beach-house ambiance to any room, no matter how far from the shore it may be. This style is inspired by beautiful coastal shorelines and will evoke an airy, lighthearted vibe. Beach décor is the perfect choice for people looking to achieve a laid-back look. Look for decorative wall elements such as seashell and ocean art canvases, shabby chic lake house signs, and sailboat wall décor. Be sure to decorate your home in calm sea green and blue hues with soft drapes and casual valances. Explore serene seascapes and abstract sea creature art such as whales and dolphins to add color and interest to any wall.