Five Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

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Five Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Does your home need a little remodeling or renovation in some rooms to make it more appealing while increasing the value when it’s time to sell? Most older homes can use some updating, and if you’re strapped for cash, here are five budget-friendly home renovation ideas that are very worthwhile.

New countertops: An entire kitchen makeover is going to cost you some serious cash. In fact, the average major kitchen renovation will likely cost upwards of $100,000. That said, there are ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look without redoing the entire room. For example, if your appliances, flooring, and cabinets are good, you might consider upgrading the countertops. Although countertops can be expensive, there are some great and less expensive options to choose from, such as laminate, paint, concrete, tile, and wood.

Replace your cabinets: So you have decided that your kitchen cabinets cannot be neglected, even though you’ve heard that replacing them can cost big bucks. So now what? How about reaching out to a professional design team for expert guidance. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need help in finding the right style and layout, designers can guide you along the way and show you how to replace or renovate your cabinets in an affordable manner. Another option is to paint your old cabinets and replace the hardware with a more modern style.

Update the flooring: Those on a budget are probably not looking to upgrade their entire property’s flooring. After all, even with cost-effective material, this would cost a lot of money to do. That said, if you’re wanting to upgrade a room or two, there are many options for those looking to save money, such as: Use a peel-and-stick option to cover up existing flooring; install a floating floor system in hardwood, laminate, cork, or more, and DIY; consider vinyl for those rooms that are shaped like simple squares; purchase some high quality tile and lay it yourself. It’s easier than you think. You can also look into using pre-cut carpet squares to replace old carpet throughout your home’s most popular rooms. In addition, hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl plank can be more affordable than you think.

Freshen up the walls: You should never underestimate the power that a fresh coat of paint can have on any home. Whether you’re looking to update your home or redo your investment property to later sell, changing up the paint can work wonders. Keep the color light and neutral such as tan or gray as they tend to make rooms look larger. Stick with light and neutral colors, especially if you don’t plan to live there as people don’t like wild and bright colors. Avoid white at all costs and so some research so you get great paint for a great price.

Install a medicine cabinet: You can add both style and storage to a bathroom by adding a simple medicine cabinet. All you have to do is use the open wall space in the bathroom or replace the boring wall-mount mirror. If you’re not a fan of old-fashioned medicine cabinets, try mounting small containers to the back of your bathroom’s door for storing small beauty and grooming products. You can even add a magnetic memo board or whiteboard for adding daily affirmations. In addition to a medicine cabinet, you can add slim shelves to the walls as part of your bathroom remodel or invest in some off-the-shelf storage options such as tiered carts, leaning ladders, or apothecary cabinets for a more rustic look.